British Plastics Federation Event (29th June 2017)

The joint British Plastics Federation and Plastics Europe event held at the BPF house in London provided attendees with a complete examination of the circular economy. The Seminar consisted of information on the current state of plastics within the circular economy and also provided an in depth look into the automotive and packaging industry.

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Key note speakers included representatives from JLR and P&G which gave an in depth look at the future of plastic recycling within their respective industries.

The seminar also consisted of a panel debate, which highlighted proposed future approaches to the circular economy.

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The event was important for FoAM-BUILD as the project has been examining holistic end-of-life scenarios, as well as potential end users and end markets for the material streams that could be recovered.  The results of which will highlighted in the upcoming FoAM-BUILD LCA Handbook.