Environmental and Economic Benefits of FoAM-BUILD Technologies and Processes

FoAM-BUILD Brochure

    Take a look at the FoAM-BUILD brochure: a summary of the project from environmental and ETICS benefits to the different components that make up FoAM-BUILD.


    FoAM-BUILD Brochure.pdf

Impact of External Insulation (August 2015)

    D1.1. – A summary of the impact of external insulation with case study comparisons of various building types in Germany, Sweden and Spain.


    Impact of External Insulation.pdf

Requirement Specifications for Thermal Insulation Materials

Analysis of ETICS State of the Art (August 2015)

Analysis of ETICS State of the Art: An Update

Analysis of ETICS State of the Art: Final Update

FoAM-BUILD – Final Review of Standards and Future Actions

    Take a look at the list of future actions and reviews of the final standards that conclude FoAM-BUILD as a project.