The FoamBuild project is part of AMANAC (Advanced Material and Nanotechnology Cluster) which is a further development of the Nano-E2B-Cluster.

The objective of “Energy-Efficiency Public-Private Partnership, E2B-PPP” has been to speed up research on key technologies and develop a competitive industry in the construction sector, with the focus on energy-efficient processes, products and services.

Details of other projects in the AMANAC area 5 are as follows :





The scope of AMANAC is to encourage a long lasting collaboration and co‐ordination platform within all AMANAC projects, maximise the impact of the participating projects towards the European Industry and Society and holistically address the relevant technical/technological, industrial, economic societal, organisation and regulatory challenges.

This cluster which comprises nine beneficiaries, commenced on 1st January 2015 and has a budget of €479,530, funded by Horizon 2020‐EeB‐4‐2014. It currently represents 255 project partners, 63% of which are Large Enterprises or SMEs.

The core objectives of the cluster are grouped into the following areas:

  • Collaboration Activities
  • Awareness‐raising and networking
  • Exploitation
  • Co‐ordination and support services

The AMANAC Cluster comprises three committees:

  • AMANAC Management: Steering Committee, Cluster Advisory Board
  • Participating Project Clustering: Joint Action Plan Committee and six
    thematic working groups
  • Exploitation: IAB, LCA/LCC Committee, Standardisation Committee

This cluster is open to all AMANAC projects who have each be assigned to one “Thematic Area”. In turn, they have contributed to the development of the joint action plan and the action plan of its thematic area. They have had access to the project committees, training events, communication and dissemination activities, to the project WiKi and web exchange platform.

Further collaboration have been sought with initiatives in the areas of Geo‐Clustering and providing rules for uniform LCA studies for E2B projects.