Successful Dissemination Opportunity at ISOBIO Workshop and ASBP event (September 2016)

The FoAM-BUILD project was disseminated at a stakeholder’s workshop organised by ISOBIO experts on the use of bio-based insulation materials.


Soroosh Bagheriasl presented the aims and objectives of FoAM-BUILD as well as outlining the intended approach for carrying out LCA and LCC from cradle to grave.


The workshop which took place on 14th September was hosted by the University of Bath and attended by producers and industry experts of bio based insulation.  Its focus was on the theme of environmental and LCA issues in the production of bio-based insulation.

Partners of the ISOBIO project shared their experiences and outlined the project’s approach and the first 18 months results; they also discussed the innovative products currently under development.

The workshop was followed by a session organised by the Alliance for Sustainable Building Products; “Embodied carbon and strategies for reduction”.