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This blog will be a regular feature for the EU funded Project FoAM-BUILD – “Functional Adaptive Nano-Materials and Technologies for Energy Efficient Buildings” and will appear on a dedicated page of the project website.

What are ETICS?


ETICS, otherwise known as External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems is the most commonly used method of insulation to improve energy efficiency on both new and existing buildings. It can act as heat protection in hot climates, insulation in the winter months and can also help reduce noise.

In order to obtain good thermal properties, state of the art ETICS need a good thickness of insulation material, however, the resources required to achieve this result in more greenhouse gasses being emitted. In addition, many ETICS contain toxic substances rendering them unsustainable and furthermore the façades are susceptible to moisture which encourages microorganisms to grow and therefore reduces their longevity.

The current building stock in Europe amounts to around 200 million buildings accounting for 40% of total energy consumption. Due to their age, many of these buildings have no insulation at all, so imagine the savings that could be made if current methods of insulation could be further improved.

This is where FoAM-BUILD comes in.

The FoAM-BUILD project will endeavour to overcome current problems by developing new, lightweight and highly insulating nano-cellular foams for new builds and retrofitting applications. This will provide a 50% reduction in thermal conductivity compared to conventional insulation elements and will lead to energy savings of 192,000kWh to 288,000kWh over a façade lifetime of 30 years.

In addition, a control system will be developed to measure moisture and liquid water which will extend the service life of the façade surface from 5 to 20 years for a north façade in central Europe.

The partners in the project who form part of a nine strong consortium will focus on nanotechnology solutions in the development of new insulation material and flame retardants and will combine these with new designs and processes.

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