The Work Continues

Following the fixing of the EPS to the wall using anchors, the first layer of base coat has now been covered with glass fibres.


Twenty-four hours later the builders applied the second layer of the basecoat in order to seal the glass fibres.  The surface was then smoothed out using a sponge to make it easier to apply the render.  This method was repeated when applying the render to ensure a smooth finish for testing purposes.


Fortunately, weather conditions at the time were sunny and warm which meant that the render was cured by the next day.  This render is the final coat to be applied and will be the surface used for testing purposes during the next six months.


The entire construction of the ETICs has been undertaken by S James – External Rendering and Insulation Rendering specialists.

The next step is to wait for the wall to dry completely.  Following this, a solution of micro-organisms will be applied to half of the surface.