FoAM-BUILD Overview

Watch this video on FoAM-BUILD: the next generation External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS) for new builds and retrofitting applications.

FoAM-BUILD Training Video on Mounting

See how FoAM-BUILD: next generation ETICs works in action using products developed for the project.

Short Interviews

A selection of interviews conducted by the partners of the FoAM-BUILD project, discussing various aspects and topics.

Insulation Material

Dr. Katrin Nord-Varhaug PHD, Principle Researcher and Albert Barreto PHD, Senior Researcher at Norner Research AS discuss FoAM-BUILD’s insulation material.

Nozzle and Mortar

Dr. Thomas Löwenstein, Chemist at DAW SE discusses the new nozzle and mortar developed within the FoAM-BUILD project.

Control of Moisture

Dr. Thomas Löwenstein, Chemist at DAW SE and Albert Torres MsC, Technologist at Ateknea Solutions discuss the control of moisture: one of the main aspects of the FoAM-BUILD project.

Benefits of Insulation

Christoph Mack, Project Coordinator of FoAM-BUILD of Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology discusses the benefits of wall insulation.

Climate and Buildings

Bérenger Favre, Research and Technical Project Manager at TBC Innovations talks about the impact and benefits of FoAM-BUILD on buildings in various climates.