Work Commences on New Demonstration Wall at Smithers Rapra

DSC01687Part of the FoAM-BUILD project calls for the provision of a wall on which to demonstrate and evaluate the ETICS technology.  Two walls will be built, one at DAW in Germany and one at Smithers Rapra in the UK.

The wall at DAW has already been constructed and measurements are underway and work has recently commenced on the wall to be sited at Smithers Rapra.  This wall will measure 8.55m in length and 2.95m in height.

DSC01688Over the course of the next six months evaluation of weathering performance and light ageing will take place as well as assessment of the performance of ETICS under various temperature environments.

A time lapse camera installed to demonstrate the evolution of the wall will be linked to the project website. A weather station sited 1.5m from the wall and approximately 1m from ground level will be used to assess if weather conditions have an effect on the growth of algae.

Watch this space for future updates.